Aircraft Maintenance

Ultimate Aero is not limited to routine maintenance and inspections. Our highly experienced engineers perform comprehensive repairs and modifications.

Call us for all your aircraft maintenance needs from simple repairs to scheduled or unscheduled maintenance. Put our skill and experience to work for you and you will see the difference in the way your aircraft performs.

Our consistent commitment to uncompromising service excellence and quality workmanship ensures efficient, reliable and safe operation of your aircraft.

Depth of capability and consistently high performance is a benchmark for our maintenance and service culture which our customers benefit from. It is all about creating and maintaining the long-term value of your aircraft and helping you to receive the best return.

Aircraft Restoration

Ultimate Aero offer a wide range of restoration services from equipment upgrades, airframe repairs paint and interior work on a newer aircraft to major restoration.

Want something a little different than a stock airplane? We offer custom modifications that can add to the utility and value of your aircraft. Our expert team will consult you on any aspect of the aesthetic and technical completions process, ensuring the delivery of your aircraft is completed right down to the finest detail of your personal preferences.

All facets of restoration are done in-house; light and heavy sheet metal fabrication and repairs, aircraft systems, and assembly.

Aircraft Aqusition & Sales

Ultimate Aero will showcase your aircraft, providing an experience a potential buyer will always remember. Presentation is critical, so prior to any viewing we will make sure that your aircraft is styled, dressed and polished to ensure it sells at the best possible price. Our rewards are simple – we only expect an agreed fee once a transaction is completed.

Ultimate Aero also represent first-time buyers and seasoned buyers looking at pre-owned aircraft. When working with buyers, we help them define their mission profile, select aircraft, makes and models to fulfill their profile.

Ferry and Test Flying

Ultimate Aero can assist in relocating your aircraft from any location in Australia or New Zealand

We provide a complete aircraft ferry services for all small aircraft types. In line with our commitment to safety we utilize only the most professional and experienced pilots on all of our ferry flights.

Ultimate Aero provides unsurpassed support to all of our customers.  A big part of this support function is to keep you informed of the status of the ferry flight.  Aircraft are expensive and we appreciate how much our clients have invested in them.  Therefore, it’s important that we keep our customers informed of the status of the flight and any changes that may develop.  We work hard to help resolve any unexpected circumstances that may arise in the shortest time possible. Our service is comprehensive and geared towards complete customer satisfaction.

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